Cubika New Year Resolutions 2018

The first week of February is an exciting time but also a bit depressing. This is when many people give up on their 2018 goals. While most people give up around now, a small number of people double down on their goals and the Cubika Design are part of that number!

To hold ourselves accountable we would like to share with our community, 3 things Cubika Design are committed to achieving in 2018

1)     Transparency

Transparency will give clients the opportunity to tailor our services to directly meet their individual needs, be a room in house to an entire national park, Cubika Design promote transparency to include our clients in every step of the architect and design process. It’s time to dispel the common myths around architects and designers being an expensive luxury by providing services to meet every budget.

2)     Social Media 

With so much noise that is generated on social media, it is very hard to tell who is who nowadays. Engaging with our clients on all levels is important to us, in 2018 Cubika Design aim to invest in refining and curating output on social media and all digital touch points to express clients our thought leadership on industry trends and best practises.

3)     Events and Collaborations

This year we aim to host more events to build a sense of community and collaboration in the interiors and architect industry. Cubika Design would like to collaborate with unique individuals and companies who share the same vision for the future of design.

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