Cubika Design Launch Party

On May 19th Cubika Design organised the launch of their newly refurbished office space in a unique event where creativity and imagination were the themes of the evening. They hosted the party in their workspace, creatively using it as a showroom.

The party was an opportunity to exhibit and support new designers in an effort to create awareness of emerging talents and build partnerships in the interior design industry. Through these partnerships, Cubika Design ensures thoughtful approach when responding to clients by always offering creative and timeless design.

Guests had the opportunity to watch a local artist produce a live painting, be illuminated by light music artwork and express themselves on “the wall of thoughts” all the while discovering Cubika’s latest designs and new, advancing design technology.

The office space itself is eloquent in design and functionality. Invitees had a great time in the bright, open-spaced Main Room, where its most stunning feature is the black chalk-wall used by the interior designers to draw or simply communicate their thoughts. During the party, this black wall was jovially transformed into a “Wall of Thoughts” for guests so that they could express themselves with chalks and they loved it.

The Main Room is also surrounded by dramatic wooden shelves and striking brick-lined windows and is speckled with living green trees. It is certainly the perfect inspiration for designers who wish to employ a thoughtful and human approach to their tailor-made service and meticulous attention to detail.

Another room that truly amazed the visitors was Cubika Design’s private gallery. Special elements – such as the red rope-barrier-turned-roll-holder and black live rolling frame – added a museum-like touch and proved an intriguing way to transform an often forgotten space into a remarkably memorable one. Czech designer, Jan Vacek’s trendy Condom Lights illuminated the room, bouncing reflections of the one-of-a-kind lights sumptuously across the floor in an array of colour.

The Meeting Room nestles between two curtains and is lit by the large window that beautifully frames the lush tree outside. This unique room combines shadows with light in simple yet elegant fashion to create a private and intimate means to conduct meetings.

The Upstairs Mezzanine hosts classic lines and sun-filled luminance. It is home to the marketing team who enjoys its open, yet cosy, workspace.

The highlights were the lighted designer’s table and extraordinary library ladder that slides along the wooden shelves, both designed in-house by Cubika.

Throughout the night, a London based illustrator was live-drawing artwork that represented a mixture of interior design, architecture and Cubika’s office elements. Its live evolution allowed the guests to be part of the creative process, which lead to an exceptional drawing. It was then gifted as a charitable auction piece to the Children & The Arts Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation – proudly supported Cubika Design – that invests in the arts for children here in the UK.

At the same time, Lumanota used its stunning light music artwork to demonstrate the power light has on the perception of colour. The imprinted polyfilm prints created immersive sensory environments that invited the viewer to become involved in the art itself. Guests were moved by the rhythm that perfectly complimented the evening’s dedication to a highly personalised design experience.

The visitors were awed when introduced to real-time Augmented Reality visualisation of architectural models by ACAR. These interactive presentations feature 3D realisations from 2D plans and represent the new way to rediscover the interior design industry. Cubika Design wishes to implement this breakthrough technology into its practise.

This eventful evening gathered supporters from different backgrounds and a shared interest in the design industry. By the end of the evening, the “Wall of Thoughts” was indeed transformed into the praises and good wishes of the guests who had stepped out of their mundane routine and unwittingly danced into a world boasting the vibe of high-tech yet ageless beauty, modern influence yet flawless elegance, and a commitment to cost effective partnerships yet uncompromised quality.

They enjoyed thoughtful, timeless designs and a variety of arts as they learned about cutting-edge innovations. At the heart of it all was the team at Cubika Design and guests were touched by the creative team spirit and professionalism found at this upcoming interior design company and delightedly chalked these expressions on the “Wall of Thoughts”.

Cubika Design is an interior design company, where creativity and imagination happen..For more photos of this event and to stay informed of breakthrough technologies and timeless elegance, please have a look at Cubika Design’s Facebook Page cubikadesignltd/ and be sure to join in the conversation!