The Differences Between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators

The Differences Between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators

Have you wondered what the differences are between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators? Many people do not know. Therefore, they tend to use these two terms interchangeably. However, upon further review, they find that these are two separate professions, each providing different services.

Let us clear it up for you.

Interior Designers are those who plan and supervise the design and the execution of the architectural interior. They study the tastes and needs of their clients in order to offer a creative yet functional space. More than just creating a pretty picture, they ensure the optimisation of space by considering human interaction whereby providing personalised interior design.

Interior Designers manipulate the space to maximise the interior architecture and tailor it to their client’s activities and lifestyle. They take into account and respect all building and region codes and regulations. They provide an engineering plan that includes lighting and plumbing fixtures to accommodate the customer’s specific needs. Due to their extensive training and education, they have the knowledge and ability to move standing structures as well as make mechanical and electrical changes.

On large-scale projects, Interior Designers are also the liaison between contractors, vendors and builders. They have the skills to manage the project and to be involved in every step of construction.

Interior Decorators (like Interior Designers) have, at heart, great designs and the creativity to provide to their clients the interior they want. They help their clients resolve issues and provide a safe and beautiful environment. They make sure to deliver scale plans, drawing and rendering sketches to offer the best possible solutions, while making sure their clients see the full picture and understand exactly how their interior is going to look like. They select furniture, colour palette and decorations to create harmony between each room. They can also recommend and select accessories such as area rugs and wall art, window coverings and upholstery, as well as plants and patio furnishings.

To sum it up, while both Interior Designers and Interior Decorators aim to beautify a space, only Interior Designers can actually “design” the building. Other main differences include the level of education and the extent to which they may make changes to an existing space (such as knocking out an existing wall) and their involvement in larger scale projects.

We hope this clarifies the differences between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators for you. You will now be able to use this information to help choose the right professional for your next home improvement project!