Baltika Park

Location Kaliningrad, Russia

Property Public Design

Size 10 hectares

Services Concept Design

Description Our brief was to transform an old rundown football stadium into a communal park in Kaliningrad. We sought to blend the best of what old Kaliningrad had to offer with its’ contemporary.  Whilst restoring old monuments and preserving the stadium’s best features, we introduced a modern look and feel to the space. Also our concept design took into account the demographics of the city as well as the purpose of the modern park.  As the park benefits from a central location, we maximised its accessibility by integrating existing roads and paths with the stadium’s infrastructure.

The park acted as a destination in its own right as well as a landmark that connected different parts of the city. Our approach was to create a space that would sit at the heart of the city and promote the circulation of people.  Ultimately, we strived to create a multi-functional space that would provide a place to find tranquillity in an otherwise cluttered environment; a place for leisure activities from children’s games to sports training and matches; a place for people to meet and greet (and enjoy a game of chess) and a place that would host a variety of events from pop-up exhibitions to concerts and everything in between.  We took care to incorporate the views of local neighbourhoods into our own creative vision.  We actively reached out of them to understand what they felt they needed in their park and what they believed was missing from their city.