Greenwich Apartment

Location Greenwich, London

Property Private Residence

Size 85m2 (915 sq ft)

Services Interior Design, Furniture Sourcing, Styling

Description This project involved working on the client’s apartment with the idea of transforming it into a space that felt like home. Our client favoured the Scandinavian look which combined simplicity, beauty and utility in a fresh way. We sourced and selected furniture for five main areas of the property – the living space, dining space, master bedroom, nursery room and hallway. For each, we selected furniture that took the Scandinavian ideal of practicality and style and also used some concepts of minimalism. This too focuses on the practicality of things, taking everything to the basics and only incorporating what is required while still using accessories to complete the space.

The result was a property that felt like home, was modern and comfortable to occupy and had plenty of practical features that would prove useful in everyday life.